Recently, as we have been discovering and sharing stories about stamps and their creators, we began to notice how these tiny pieces of paper could play a huge role in building a nation’s brand.

By Siddharth Khandelwal and Swati Paranjpe

Over the last week, in a seemingly serendipitous confluence, we…

A call to action for the design community.

“Design is not art…Art is made to be appreciated, design is made with a clear purpose.”

This credo has always been at the core of the design community. Our endeavour has always been to solve problems, whether they are mechanical, socio-political or…

An endeavour to put empathy at the heart of community.

Nature vs Nurture

Love is love. Rage is rage. And if these are on two ends of the spectrum, then every human emotion in between is as natural and inherent in us despite our race, culture, gender, sexual orientation, geography, class, or colour…

Wandering About Design

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